Fuelling Employment Generation through Cluster Development

Our journey commenced through the setting up of Cluster Development Initiative as a Strategic Business Unit in 2005, and was later incorporated as a separate Company in 2006. The primary aim was to provide commercially sustainable integrated solutions for development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), through a cluster based, and preferably Public-Private Partnership (PPP) approach. Our focus is on industrial infrastructure development, management of sectoral development programs for Governments, and project management services for industrial clusters, as well as individual industries. The interventions are through (i) Program Management - advisory to Governments and Institutions for sectoral programs for manufacturing and job creation - both in India and abroad; (ii) Project Management - conceptualization, development, planning, design, procurement and construction management for industrial infrastructure projects. The mandates executed by ICDI focus on sector specific clusters, employment creation, development of value chains and sector specific industrial infrastructure

We have successfully managed various projects aimed at achieving convergence of various programs, by developing and structuring innovative and sustainable institutional implementation frameworks. We often act as a link between the policy makers (Government), Institutions (banks & other financing agencies) and the Industry, so that the ultimate objective of improving the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, and consequently SMEs, is achieved

Services offered by us include:

  • Program Management and Advisory
    • Policy formulation and implementation
    • Program Management
    • Advisory to Multilateral and Domestic Institutions
  • Project Development & Implementation Services
    • Project Conceptualization and Development
    • Project Management Consultancy
    • Environmental Infrastructure Development
    • Enterprise Development

Our clients include various Ministries of the Government of India, State Governments, multilateral agencies, industry associations and private sector units