Fuelling Employment Generation through Cluster Development

We were mandated by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) to facilitate introduction, establishment and capacity building of Business development service providers so that the pace of the growth of cluster, and competitiveness of the SMEs in the cluster can be augmented. The project started with a diagnostic study of the cluster in order to identify the major sub-sector growth stumbles

It was also decided that the project would intervene in strategic areas which can have positive impact on the growth of the cluster as a whole. Based on the criteria, intervention in the areas of skill development, technical assistance, infrastructure, product and design development and cleaner technology were selected. It was also realised that the strong trust factor needs to be built with the cluster players for making the project a success

In order to develop the BDS market, the project focused on capacity building of local service providers through trainings, diversifying service portfolio, linking with the services providers of national and international repute and facilitating exposure visits

Services included handholding a range of capacity building initiatives for BDS providers, facilitating networking between SME business associations and other BDS providers and similar associations in other countries, developing linkage programs between large corporations and SMEs, developing high quality and affordable management training for local SMEs and entrepreneurship training programs to create new entrepreneurs